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Nipah Virus In India

nipah virus

Nipha Virus

Nipah disease in India is on an ascent in 2018. This article causes you to think about  Nipah disease (Nipah encephalitis) and Symptoms, Nipah virus transmission, Nipah virus vaccine and Nipah treatment.


What is Nipah Virus?

Nipah disease is known by other names like bat virus, brain virus, and Nipah encephalitis. its pronunciation is Ni-pah. Ni-pha means unknown. Nipah virus (bat virus) is a recently discovered zoonosis that causes extreme causes in both animals and humans alike. It has a high fatality rate and transmits mostly through bats, pigs, and different animals. Consequently, individuals infected by Nipah infection ought to be treated with serious strong care.

Symptoms of Nipah Virus

In the initial stage, Nipah disease shows no symptoms in humans. Bat virus transmitted in the human body by in taking of bat saliva in Nipah fruit (which fruit eaten by bats). In starting it shows influenza-like symptoms in humans. Fever, sore throat, headaches, vomiting and muscle pain (myalgia) are some of the common signs. In next stage, Nipah encephalitis shows breathing infection.

In the final stage, Nipah virus disease shows swelling of brain tissue that’s why we called it brain virus which leads to drowsiness, dizziness, altered consciousness and neurological signs.


Nipah Virus Transmission

How Nipah encephalitis spreads?

Nipah virus transmission through humans is zero. Nipah virus transmission caused by bats and pigs.

Nipah virus or brain virus disease occurs when

  • Humans consume Nipah fruits bitten by bats
  • Humans get into direct contact with infected bats, infected pigs or infected people
  • Humans come into contact with body fluids of animals or people infected with the virus

Prevention of Nipah Virus Infection

Nipah virus infection can be prevented by following these steps:-

  • Avoid Close contact with Nipah encephalitis patient.
  • avoid eating Nipah fruits. or half-eaten fruits.
  • wear high-grade mask
  • wash and peel fruit before eating.
  • Cover your household properly.
  • Boil freshly collected palm juice.
  • Avoid being around animal pens.

Treatment for virus Nipah

As of now, there is no Nipah virus vaccine or medication available for people or animals. The essential treatment is serious steady tend to individuals experiencing extreme respiratory and neurologic complexities. But the primary treatment for Nipah virus is intensive supportive care.

Researchers try to develop Nipah virus vaccine and medication for peoples and animals. We hope Nipah virus vaccine available soon for Nipah virus. If Nipah virus vaccine developed then it is a big relief for the human race.



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