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15 Foods To Improve Eyesight :2018 Era


First of all thanks for landing on the article ” Foods To Improve Eyesight “.We are here discussing the eyesight and foods to improve eyesight. Today about sixty percent of the population is affected by weak eyesight.  The eyes are complex organs of our body. Eyes help to provide clear vision. foods to improve eyesight are goods cause prevention is better than cure.

Basic anatomy of eyes

Let know some parts of our eye before we start foods to improve eyesight.


The cornea is a transparent front layer of the tissue which helps to focus the light on the retina. Cornea covers the iris, pupil and anterior chamber. Cornea account the two third optical power of the eye. The refractive power of the cornea is 43 diopters

Tear duct

Tear duct is a drainage system of our eyes. Tear duct is a gland which helps to wet our eyes regularly and wash out the dust particles from the cornea.


The Iris is a thin circular part of the eye. Iris is responsible for controlling the size and diameter of the pupil and control the amount of the light entered in the retina. Eye color is defined by the iris.


The pupil is the hole in the center of iris. It allows to light to go in and strike on the retina. It appears black because of light entering in the pupil are absorbed by the tissue. In humans, the pupil is round and in other species, like the cat is the vertical split pupil, in goat have the horizontal pupil.


The Retina is a thin layer of tissue which lies inside the eye. The retina is connected to the optical nerve. The function of the retina has received the light that focused on the lens and converted into a neural signal. Optical nerve sends these signals to the brain for visual recognition.

Why do we need to keep eyes healthy?

Healthy eyes help us to see well in future. Everyone tends to focus on Brain, Heart, and bones but no one tries to keep eyes healthy. Keep our eyes healthy also way to help prevent age-related eye problem like macular, degeneration, vision loss, dry eyes problem with night vision and cataracts. Adding more of these foods and supplement for the healthy eye to your diet will help to keep eyesight good.

Foods To Improve Eyesight


1. Dark green leafy vegetable

To prevent eyes from getting problems such as macular degeneration which cause direct damage to the retina. Resulting in a permanent loss of vision. Listed vegetables help to prevent these type of damages and keep your eyes healthy. Because green leafy vegetables contain lutein, zeaxanthin these have the antioxidant function in the body and helps to prevent cell damage.


Microgreens are those vegetables which are harvested just in one or two weeks. microgreens are underdeveloped vegetables like spinach, broccoli, arugula. Microgreens are the treasure box of vitamins and minerals. A study of 2012 by scientists of US department of agriculture said that microgreens contain 6 times of vitamins and minerals in compare of mature plants. in the starting age of plant needs more vitamin and minerals for their growth so they are fully packed for nutrition. Microgreen is the foods to improve eyesight.


There was a popular cartoon series of ” Popeye The sailor man” have been nutritionist instead of the sailor. spinach is contained a lot of vitamin b which helps protect against breast cancer and boost the immune power. spinach contains folate which functions the proper cell division. spinach also contain potassium which is necessary for muscles function and maintain blood pressure.


Green leaves are bitter and tasteless to swallow, try crisp lettuce. The Romaine is full of nutrients it provides the folate, beta-carotene, potassium and vitamin c. Vitamin c is a booster for the immune system. A research shows that woman who takes sufficient amount of vitamin c have good blood pressure and improve eyesight.


Arugula is a green leaf vegetable like spinach little bit pungent, peppery flavor. due to its flavor many rock chefs used in most dishes. you will find Arugula in the grocery store near baby spinach. Arugula is a good source of calcium it builds up bones more than any other green leaf on this list.  Arugula is a good source of nitrate which increases the blood flow to muscles and also helps to improve eyesight.


When it comes to green Kale is the superfood. there is no competition for Kale in terms of lutein. lutein is a good source of antioxidant shown to protect eyesight and improve eyesight. Kale also the good source of vitamin c and beta-carotene. Kale is a member of the brassica family. a phytonutrient has the cancer-fighting property.

These are the foods to improve eyesight and make our vision clear in future. foods to improve eyesight are frequently added to your meal.


2. Supplements

A. Vitamin E:-

15 mg for adults and teens, 19 mg for women during breastfeeding. Vitamin helps to improve eyesight, hair loss, glow skin, and pimples.

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Vitamin C:-

90 mg for adults and teens male. 70mg Vitamin C for females ( 85mg during pregnancy and 120 mg during breastfeeding. Vitamin C helps improve eyesight, boost the immune power, and improve oral health.

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Omega 3:-

Omega 3 is essential fatty acids which help to improve eyesight and boost immune power. Freshwater fish is a good source of Omega 3.

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Folic acid:-

Folic Acid is an Abstract form of iron which helps to generate new blood cells and maintain regulation of blood smoothly.

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If you unable to find a single product that contains all of these. They also available individually.

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don’t take any supplement without your doctor’s direction. don’t overdose these supplement. The overdose of supplement harmful to your body

This article ” 15 Foods To Improve Eyesight ” only for information and educational purpose only.

Thanks for reading this article  ” 15 Foods To Improve Eyesight”. Please give Your valuable Feedback For this article. Sorry for the incomplete article, due to lack of time and research. I will complete it as soon as possible.





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